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Konfuzio enables humans and robots to retrieve the content of documents in a structured way. Work steps like typing, renaming, filing and validation are almost completely eliminated.


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5 x more capacity

The number of incoming documents changes daily while available working time remain relatively inflexible. Konfuzio solves load peaks and scales compliant with DSGVO and in ISO certified data centers. Our customers are and remain the "master of data".

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40 % less queries

An automatic plausibility check for the completeness of incoming documents can avoid time-consuming queries. This also helps with compliance, KYC and internal audits. Konfuzio is trained independently.

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70 % more use cases

Konfuzio prepares the content of documents in a way that it can even be processed by rule-based robots. Konfuzio's artificial intelligence increases the number of use cases for existing, rule-based IT solutions.

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Konfuzio is the Swiss army knife for automatic processing of complex texts. Our powerful machine learning solution quickly and accurately extracts information from any text to feed structured data into downstream systems.



Monitor your purchase prices for raw materials and supplies through AI analysis of incoming invoices and thus increase the contribution margin per product. Digitalize your administration and organization, e.g. of orders and delivery notes, with AI.


AI helps with the preliminary review of incoming documents and with the transfer of (handwritten) forms to inventory management systems. With our software, you can save the entire inspection process in a revision-proof manner directly in an archivable PDF.


Completely analyze portfolios on an individual contract level in accordance with IFRS 17 or receive comprehensive evaluations for run-offs. Automatically record data from policyholders, brokers and consultants during risk assessment and in the event of a claim.


AI prepares the content of documents to be checked or e.g. e-mail traffic. Regardless of of the direct availability of the documents or via screenshots, the AI recognizes relevant individual pieces of information and summarizes them clearly in Excel.

Public sector

E-mail, fax or mail is prepared by AI for human processing. AI checks forms, contracts and other documents for completeness and plausibility. This reduces manual queries and automates the processing of information in processes.


Our software enables the analysis of Big Data. Use AI for the preparation of the data and capitalize on your strengths to position yourself as a strategist and lateral thinker with your clients. Enable your clients to make data-driven decisions.

"They solved a problem we have been working on for decades"

Michael Ludwig, 1:1 Assekuranzservice AG


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Document storage

The software automates the correct filing of incoming documents through classification by AI. Attachments in e-mails can be stored fully automatically and filed correctly in your DMS or ERP.

Process data

The software links master data with individual information from documents and other handwritten texts. This enables you to overcome bottlenecks in individual process steps or media breaks.

Completeness check

Automate completeness checks of documents and save valuable working time. Examine documents for contradictions to other documents or already existing master data.

4-eyes principle

There are good reasons why companies have the four-eyes principle, which is also often required by law. Check documents faster with AI and save the checking process in a revision-proof manner directly in the document itself.

Labeling tool

As a data scientist or department, you use our labeling tool to create data for training. You can export this data and also train your own models independently of our software for your requirements.


We are happy to take over the entire work of data acquisition. With the support of AI, we can validate more data in less time than conventional providers. This enables a 100% quality control.

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Helm & Nagel GmbH was founded in 2016. The company develops AI software using the latest methods from research and development in AI and deep learning. The WirtschaftsWoche and the FAZ have already reported about us.

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Konfuzio - an AI-SaaS platform for the automated processing of unstructured text data and documents. The solution focuses on 24/7 operation and (re-)training of AI models in the cloud or on-premises. 

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Our development team consists of AI experts in the fields of Computer Vision, Deep Learning and Natural Language Processing. Our Customer Success consultants help you to exploit the maximum performance from the software for your processes.

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Our service goes beyond online cooperation and we are also active offline: To get to know us personally, we regularly present at trade fairs in various cities in Germany.

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Within an approx. 30-minute web demo, we present all the functions that are of interest to you and answer your individual questions. Please use the following link to book a date that suits you.

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For press inquiries, editorial requests or interest in a cooperation, please contact us by e-mail. 

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